Milei the Bulldozer and a National Strike

23rd January 2024 Tony Phillips 0

The way Milei recognises these “better” conditions means that the costs of adjustment are being borne not by his famous (caste) but by the working classes in Argentina, especially those employees that are considered by Milei to be “collectivists” i.e. they think that they might have a better chance of being paid better with better conditions if they organize as a union

jair Javi and the ultra rightwing phase ( the day after)

Milei y Bolsonaro 2045

8th December 2023 Tony Phillips 0

Prólogo: El 10 de diciembre de 2023 Bolsonaro ya estuvo de camino a la residencia de ancianos. Se había fugado de Brasil al pueblerino estado norteamericano de Florida, pero incluso enfrentando cargos se las arregló para llegar (con su hijo) a la fiesta de inauguración de Milei.