Argentina, Un Colapso Orquestado

30th March 2024 Tony Phillips 0

Javier Milei es miembro de una facción extrema de la secta libertariana, seguidores de un desconocido pseudo-filósofo muerto, Murray Rothbard, que también se autodenominaba economista. El entonces candidato presidencial Milei nombró “Murray” a uno de sus perros clonados en su honor.


Closing Down the State

30th March 2024 Tony Phillips 0

Javier Milei has taken Argentina into uncharted waters, a schizophrenic journey in societal destruction. The last time Argentina tried anything so radical Carlos Saúl Menem was the hero of the IMF (in late 1980’s and early 1990’s). The Menemite experiment in extreme neoliberalism ended in abject disaster in 2001/2002.

El pánico sobre la inflación, Los idus de marzo

18th March 2024 Tony Phillips 0

En Argentina el esquema de Javi no ha salido bien, y tampoco parece que vaya a funcionar así esta vez. Ahora Argentina necesita esperar hasta la votación del Congreso sobre el DNU. Si eso falla, Javi tendrá que volver a la mesa de dibujo. Es u

Pacto de Mayo “No Hay Plata”

2nd March 2024 Tony Phillips 1

El 12 de febrero en Italia, Javi admitió “sentir un profundo desprecio por el Estado”, al que describió como una “mafia”. Uno sólo puede especular cómo se sienten personalmente sus socios en el crimen Caputo y Macri sobre la terminología italiana de Javi. El liberalismo no puede contemplar una política estatal para lo social, lo cultural (excepto en el sentido negativo del marxismo cultural) o el medio ambiente porque estos conceptos no monetarios no tienen un valor que pueda contarse en dólares.

Reconstruction Pact, Anybody?

2nd March 2024 Tony Phillips 2

On February 12th in Italy Javi said he admitted “feeling a profound contempt for the state” which he described as a “Mafia”. One can only speculate how his partners in crime Caputo and Macri feel personally about Javi’s Italian terminology. Liberalism cannot contemplate state policy for social, cultural (except in the negative sense of cultural Marxism), or environment because these non-monetary concepts don’t have a value which can be counted in dollars.

Think-Tanks & The Argentine New Right

23rd February 2024 Tony Phillips 3

Offer a few fervent believers teaching jobs in your private economics faculty or have a few influential people speak to newspaper editors to introduce “experts” from your own think-tanks to maybe write an Op-Ed for the upcoming elections [then republish] via social media campaigns, pushed by your own paid algorithms […] think-tank ideas might influence the vote for candidates who align with your think-tank’s ideas? Social media works for the masses influencing opinion but you need to teach/evangelize the economics students

(c) Fernando Rocchia

Javier Milei the first 50 days

17th February 2024 Tony Phillips 0

Javi showed his libertarian freedom to starve by not raising the minimum wage even in increasingly devalued pesos. “Why should I fix the price of labour?, he said. Javi is betting that this deep depression will finally conquer inflation over the dead bodies of the poor.

Milei the Bulldozer and a National Strike

23rd January 2024 Tony Phillips 0

The way Milei recognises these “better” conditions means that the costs of adjustment are being borne not by his famous (caste) but by the working classes in Argentina, especially those employees that are considered by Milei to be “collectivists” i.e. they think that they might have a better chance of being paid better with better conditions if they organize as a union