Flying Fish & Chips

29th June 2004 Tony Phillips 1

The islands of Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) form a small republic just off the Venezuelan Coast at the bottom of the Lesser Antilles, an Island Archipelago arcing north-south through the Caribbean from just below Cuba in the north to the […]

Mind The (Darien) Gap

15th June 2004 Tony Phillips 0

There is no way to drive from Central America to South America because the DariĆ©n jungle separates the southern tip of the Panamanian isthmus from Northern Colombia and no road passes through. Though insignificant when compared with the tens of […]

Chavez Castro

Caracas Marches

6th June 2004 Tony Phillips 1

Updated (postscript below: 2004/6/28) The results came back from the voting commission and the independent observers Thursday as promised. Over 2,500,000 signatures were shown to be valid. That number is sufficient to launch the recall referendum, a vote planned for […]

Chavez and the Sheikhs

Tense Week in Caracas

2nd June 2004 Tony Phillips 0

It is Wednesday and all is quiet on the Western front; the Eastern front is quite another matter. Caracas, the divided city, is in a state of suspended animation; the silence eerie, the tension tangible. The black market still functions […]