Car Panama Canal

Trouble in Panama

27th May 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Yesterday I drove from Panama City to Colon, crossing this narrow country in an hour and ten minutes driving parallel to the Panama Canal. My vehicle was never to return, I had my problems getting back too. All shiny and […]

Cows Mexico Guatemala

Border crossing to Guatemala

3rd February 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Just this week I entered Guatemala for the first time driving across the Chiapas border from Mexico. Looking across from the Mexican side one could see things were different there but I really was not prepared for what I was […]

Car of the Americas

15 Days of hell

28th August 2003 Tony Phillips 1

Having bought my very inexpensive car ($650.00) I took it on a test run and to the automobile association for a 50 point check-up. The car swayed a lot on the freeway, the engine was strong, the clutch seemed to […]