Casta II

Milei Chronicles (14): Hope Fights Hate

31st October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

After the three decades of pain Milei offers a new free economy smelling of roses much like Milei’s armpits in the hot-tub post-election champagne-fuelled celebrations with Macri, his sister, Bullrich and the three cloned dogs. If in November the troll-farms can pull this off post by post sneer by sneer Milei shall be following in the footsteps of Menem for President 1989 however his neofascist vice president Villarruel might feel more like the 1970’s dictatorship guns and all!

A protest election in Argentina.

Milei Chronicles (13): Election 22nd. October, 2023

19th October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

What the 2024 election means for Argentina in the next ten years is that the tweedle-dum tweedle-dee / Peronist anti-Peronist centre is dead. It died of it’s own corruption and ineptitude destroying the environment and the people’s economy with it. The brand-name politics of the last 20 years will receive less support from the real owners of the country (Argentina’s true Casta) and politics shall swing hard left and hard right in the streets for the next elections till 2030.

Milei Chronicles (10) Primer Debate En Santiago La Economía

3rd October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

El primero fue Sergio Massa, de la UxP, que llegó elegantemente vestido. ¿Será el mismo traje azul que usa para sus reuniones con el FMI? Massa se deslizó hacia un discurso doctrinal, tal vez demasiado Perón Perón para el gusto de la mayoría. Inquebrantable, Massa ofreció una actuación razonable para alguien cuya personalidad es intrínsecamente aburrida. Hay que imaginarse que algunos miembros del público reprimieron una mueca cuando Massa sugirió que los evasores fiscales fueran a la cárcel, mientras que su colega del partido, Martín Insuarralde, aparecía en fotos tomando cócteles en un yate mediterráneo con una ‘modelo’ tatuada.

Milei Chronicles (10) Debate One (The Economy)

3rd October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

the UxP was equally inadept at dealing with the debt problems for reasons of stimulating employment and paying off state friendly industries with high energy requirements and deep pockets in Swiss bank accounts but at least their leaders had not appeared in the Panama Papers as had Bullrich’s party group founder Mauricito Macri. The sesspool of corruption runs deep in both groups.

Javier Milei El Loco

Milei Chronicles (9) The Madman in the River

2nd October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

Milei’s churlish and doctrinal arguments on the role of the state in Argentine “society” (a concept which Milei like Margaret Thatcher, eschews), Milei gave a talk in early September 2023 where he discussed river pollution and the rights of factories to pollute rivers at will.