BR319, a post-vehicular experience

25th October 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Even now as I sleep 3,300m high in the Peruvian Andes in Cusco, Peru, my dreams are filled with desperate attempts to traverse perilous roads. This phase of our journey finished here just days ago on October 20th, 2004; it […]

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City Car, Car of the Americas

21st July 2003 Tony Phillips 1

Short-term Pain As a firm believer in form before function, sometimes, just sometimes it becomes necessary to take account of function and price. After six years driving the beautiful 1964 convertible Mercury Comet, I decided to free up some cash […]

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The Vehicle

5th June 2003 Tony Phillips 0

Aussie Troopie Travel in South and Central America is unlike travel conditions in the U.S., Europe or other zones where I have completed extensive road trips such as tropical Australia. However given this choice tropical Western Australia is somewhat similar […]