Think-Tanks & The Argentine New Right

23rd February 2024 Tony Phillips 3

Offer a few fervent believers teaching jobs in your private economics faculty or have a few influential people speak to newspaper editors to introduce “experts” from your own think-tanks to maybe write an Op-Ed for the upcoming elections [then republish] via social media campaigns, pushed by your own paid algorithms […] think-tank ideas might influence the vote for candidates who align with your think-tank’s ideas? Social media works for the masses influencing opinion but you need to teach/evangelize the economics students

(c) Fernando Rocchia

Javier Milei: Las Primeras 50 Días

18th February 2024 Tony Phillips 5

Una semana barata en Santiago de Chile podría costar dos millones de pesos sin salir a cenar pero incluido el autobús desde Mendoza y eso será el salario de tres meses para cualquiera que todavía tenga trabajo

(c) Fernando Rocchia

Javier Milei the first 50 days

17th February 2024 Tony Phillips 0

Javi showed his libertarian freedom to starve by not raising the minimum wage even in increasingly devalued pesos. “Why should I fix the price of labour?, he said. Javi is betting that this deep depression will finally conquer inflation over the dead bodies of the poor.