Think-Tanks & The Argentine New Right

23rd February 2024 Tony Phillips 3

Offer a few fervent believers teaching jobs in your private economics faculty or have a few influential people speak to newspaper editors to introduce “experts” from your own think-tanks to maybe write an Op-Ed for the upcoming elections [then republish] via social media campaigns, pushed by your own paid algorithms […] think-tank ideas might influence the vote for candidates who align with your think-tank’s ideas? Social media works for the masses influencing opinion but you need to teach/evangelize the economics students

Milei the Bulldozer and a National Strike

23rd January 2024 Tony Phillips 0

The way Milei recognises these “better” conditions means that the costs of adjustment are being borne not by his famous (caste) but by the working classes in Argentina, especially those employees that are considered by Milei to be “collectivists” i.e. they think that they might have a better chance of being paid better with better conditions if they organize as a union

Americas Program Special Report Tony Phillips

Climate Change Cause and Effect, An Americas Perspective

20th December 2007 Tony Phillips 0

Americas Program Special ReportClimate Change Cause and Effect, An Americas PerspectiveTony Phillips | December 20, 2007 Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP)(formerly) “We, the human race, have substantially altered the earth’s atmosphere. In 2005, the concentration of carbon […]


Energy; Southern Cone

14th March 2005 Tony Phillips 2

Here in the cone of South America as in many parts of the world, one of the major issues is energy. What with the Andes and all, there are plenty of hydroelectric plants and underground thermal energy but the tricky […]

Six Months and All is Well!

30th December 2003 Tony Phillips 0

Was it really just six months ago? The code was yellow in San Francisco and the weather unseasonably hot. A week before the fourth of July celebrations San Francisco was un-girthing its loins for Gay Pride weekend. The main man […]