Eastern Guatemala

Travels in Eastern Guatemala

18th February 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Things started to move quickly after Ixil. I was traveling alone but sharing gas with various people on the way. The transport industry in Guatemala makes sense given the price of transportation and the needs of the people. A gallon […]

Rios Montt

Guatemala on the cusp

15th February 2004 Tony Phillips 0

The Guatemalan army is a force to be reckoned with, or, if you are smart, to be given a wide berth. It has fought a 36-year war of counter-insurgency preserving the US-backed right wing Republican Front of Guatemala (FRG) against […]

Chajul, Ixil, Guatemala

Burying the Dead, Ixil Guatemala

10th February 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Chajul is a remote indigenous town in the Ixil triangle, about 150Km. north of Antigua in Guatemala. Ixil is an area of east-west valleys surrounded by higher mountain peaks. It is home to the Ixil people, a group of related […]

Cows Mexico Guatemala

Border crossing to Guatemala

3rd February 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Just this week I entered Guatemala for the first time driving across the Chiapas border from Mexico. Looking across from the Mexican side one could see things were different there but I really was not prepared for what I was […]