Exigimos al congreso la derogación del DNU

Milei, Mi Ley

22nd December 2023 Tony Phillips 4

Algo tenía que fallar. Simplemente no podía continuar al ritmo implacable que lo había hecho hasta que la sociedad reaccionó. La ministra del Interior, Patricia Bullrich, amenazó a sus recursos humanos (ciudadanos argentinos) con leyes anti-protesta inconstitucionales, pérdida de beneficios […]

A protest election in Argentina.

Milei Chronicles (13): Election 22nd. October, 2023

19th October 2023 Tony Phillips 0

What the 2024 election means for Argentina in the next ten years is that the tweedle-dum tweedle-dee / Peronist anti-Peronist centre is dead. It died of it’s own corruption and ineptitude destroying the environment and the people’s economy with it. The brand-name politics of the last 20 years will receive less support from the real owners of the country (Argentina’s true Casta) and politics shall swing hard left and hard right in the streets for the next elections till 2030.

Corona Gambit, the MiddleGame

23rd December 2020 Tony Phillips 0

Sacrificing truckdrivers, consumers, and its “fucked” manufacturers as pawns, the recently inaugurated tory UK negotiators also risk sacrificing some of its own royalty, its investors. The brinkmanship of this endgame is causing much suffering even as the UK plans to resort to a some last minute retreats