Car Panama Canal

Trouble in Panama

27th May 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Yesterday I drove from Panama City to Colon, crossing this narrow country in an hour and ten minutes driving parallel to the Panama Canal. My vehicle was never to return, I had my problems getting back too. All shiny and […]

Car Shopping in Costa Rica

11th May 2004 Tony Phillips 0

So I’m stopping by to pick up my clean clothes from the launderette called Lava Splash in Barrio Los Yoses in San Jose, Costa Rica and what do I spot on the corner of the street but a new car […]

Secretary General

21st. Century Resource Wars

9th May 2004 Tony Phillips 0

“What’s happening in South America these days?” Not something you ask yourself too often? Don’t worry you are not alone! For its size and economic clout South America remains largely ignored by most of the ‘West’ outside of Spain and […]

Cocaine economics 101

Cocaine Economics

5th May 2004 Tony Phillips 0

Product OverviewProduction costs are minimal. Low-paid farmers grow a common plant on inexpensive land. After harvesting, an extract is removed by a simple laboratory technique in much the same way instant coffee is produced from the coffee plant. The result […]