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Greece; Deathplace of Democracy

29th June 2015 Tony Phillips 0

The word Referendum comes from the Latin referre (to bring back) and demos is Greek for the people as a political unit; demos is the root of the word Democracy; so a referendum brings a decision back to the people. […]

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2012 book / What if Ireland Defaults

2nd May 2013 Tony Phillips 0

Country Studies Ch. 7. The Russian Crisis and the Crisis of Russia Constantin Gurdgiev Ch. 8. Iceland: The Accidental Hero Elaine Byrne and Huginn F. ?orsteinsson Ch. 9. Irish Public Debt: A View through the Lens of the Argentine Default […]

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A Call to Action

19th June 2012 Tony Phillips 0

Medium-sized EU economies (Spain and Italy) are facing an attack from the speculative bond markets. This has pushed the cost of state bonds above 4%, a rate that is unsustainable in the medium term. Acting Prime Minister Monti demanded help […]