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Callout from Copenhagen

8th December 2009 Tony Phillips 1

Hello from Denmark, Decided to come freeze my little tush off in Copenhagen for eleven days for global warming (COP-15, look it up). Sounds like fun? Well, sort of! Anyway I’m writing articles for a few people here and I […]

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Small World

30th May 2009 Tony Phillips 0

Copenhagen is the new Kyoto. Later this year in Copenhagen the political and economic agents of the planet will decide for you and your progeny what shall be done to prevent a violent change in the planet’s weather systems from […]

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What the bees are telling us

21st April 2009 Tony Phillips 0

The goodly folk at the New Economics Foundation at 3 Jonathan Street, London, have come out with a short book (20 pages or so) about supermarkets, food, oil, agriculture and especially apiculture (Beekeeping). It is a light read which encompasses […]