Argentina, Un Colapso Orquestado

30th March 2024 Tony Phillips 0

Javier Milei es miembro de una facción extrema de la secta libertariana, seguidores de un desconocido pseudo-filósofo muerto, Murray Rothbard, que también se autodenominaba economista. El entonces candidato presidencial Milei nombró “Murray” a uno de sus perros clonados en su honor.

Argentina en las manos de Díos

2nd January 2024 Tony Phillips 1

Las elecciones presidenciales de 2023 demostraron que los argentinos están desesperadamente cansados de los fracasos económicos y la corrupción. Estaban dispuestos a darle una oportunidad a Javi (o a cualquiera nuevo). Aunque muchos ahora se arrepienten, la mayoría de los votantes todavía se resisten a admitir que al votar contra el peronismo pueden haber cometido un error muy grave.

Milei Doubles Down

31st December 2023 Tony Phillips 1

Listen to me but only to me says Javi! My Austrian religion is the one true religion, all other religions are evil. The devil is a socialist. The one true light is our God, the market. Greed is good. God loves a market, a market Nirvana. Nobody comes to Nirvana but through Me! Me! Me! Carajo!

Los perros (el perro duplicado cuatro veces) de Javi

Javi’s Ministry of Human Capital

16th December 2023 Tony Phillips 2

Javi is rarely explicit. He doesn’t seem to like Argentina very much having already bought his retirement flat in the US state of Florida. The US along with the apartheid State of Israel which Javi believes to be a natural allies of his Argentina. Javi has even been known to paraphrase Trump’s phrase “Shithole nations” but, unlike Trump, Javi was also referring to his home.

Corona Gambit, the MiddleGame

23rd December 2020 Tony Phillips 0

Sacrificing truckdrivers, consumers, and its “fucked” manufacturers as pawns, the recently inaugurated tory UK negotiators also risk sacrificing some of its own royalty, its investors. The brinkmanship of this endgame is causing much suffering even as the UK plans to resort to a some last minute retreats

The Wards are Filling Up

22nd May 2020 Tony Phillips 0

By Marcus Christoph It began with a rather bizarre situation. Carlota Salomon, 26 years a doctor at the “José María Penna” hospital, Parque Patricios, Buenos Aires, had put on her elaborate protective clothing and approached her first coronavirus patient to […]

XR Farm

8th April 2020 Tony Phillips 2

Extinction Rebellion Ireland begins XR Farm How can we eat better, farm better and pay farmers better? This article introduces the XR Farm project in Dublin, a pilot project for how XR activists can improve the soils, Ireland’s biodiversity and […]