Javier Milei Milei Chronicles

Milei Chronicles (5) Anger and the Economy

28th August 2023 Tony Phillips 0

Milei’s voters just don’t care! They want change and he offers it. He channels their anger. They’re sick of being ignored and ready to break Argentina if they must do. Things can’t get much worse, they say. Are they right?

Javier Milei, The Milei Chronicles

Milei Chronicles (6) The Kirchner Factor

28th August 2023 Tony Phillips 0

The IMF shopped Menem around economic conferences so that he could give speeches to other nations on neoliberalism and privatisation. It is difficult to ignore Milei’s physical resemblance to Menem in the 1980’s, just look at the hairstyles and sideburns.

CELAC Social Tony Phillips


26th January 2023 Tony Phillips 0

Buenos Aires, Argentina, January 24th., 2023 CELAC 2022 delayed its seventh presidential meeting till January 2023. CELAC is the Community of Latina American and Caribbean States explicitly not including either Canada or the USA. CELAC currently consists of 33 member […]

DCs in Ireland and the energy crisis they provoke

Data centres, Big Data & Ireland’s Energy Crisis

21st September 2021 Tony Phillips 1

To plan Ireland’s energy future requires social and ecological planning (something Ireland is really not good at) indeed a previous Taoiseach described us as the laggards of Europe in this matter. Ireland is addicted to fossil fuels; this need to change and we need to do it.