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Greg Palast and balanced coverage on Chavez

30th June 2003 Tony Phillips 0

Hugo Chavez Is Crazy! Last June, on Page One of the San Francisco Chronicle, an Associated Press photo of a mass of demonstrators carried the following caption: “TENS OF THOUSANDS OF VENEZUELANS OPPOSED TO PRESIDENT HUGO CHAVEZ…” The caption let […]

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Chomsky on US Intentions in Venezuela

9th June 2003 Tony Phillips 0

ANDY CLARK: Question OK, another email. This is from Venezuela. This is from Alberto Villasmil Raven, and he says: “I would like to know if Professor Chomsky thinks it possible that the U.S. will invade Venezuela.” NOAM CHOMSKY: Answer Well, […]

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The Vehicle

5th June 2003 Tony Phillips 0

Aussie Troopie Travel in South and Central America is unlike travel conditions in the U.S., Europe or other zones where I have completed extensive road trips such as tropical Australia. However given this choice tropical Western Australia is somewhat similar […]