Neo-Colonialism in Colonial Mexico

7th December 2003 Tony Phillips 0

The central highlands (or altiplano) form the backbone of Mexico. In southern Mexico the isthmus is very narrow; from its peaks one can sometimes see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The further north one travels, the drier and wider […]

Teotihuacan Pyramid

Teotihuacán, Mexico

1st December 2003 Tony Phillips 0

As the lightning flashes around the house here in San Miguel de Allende, I count the seconds before the thunder strikes; it’s coming closer. Another downpour in the dry season? Up here at 3000 Meters the Mexican Antiplano is a […]

September 11th

11th September 2003 Tony Phillips 0

I spent the evening of September 11th. at La Peña in Berkeley California. September 11th. 1973 was the date of the US backed coup which general Pinochet’s troops killed Chile’s elected president Salvador Allende in the national parliament building. Many […]

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The Money Game

1st August 2003 Tony Phillips 1

So I sell the cruiser for $6,500 and then buy the Montero for $600 from the city tow auctions here in San Francisco. So I’m up nearly six grand right? Well no not really … Then … – back registration […]