May Day Arrival, Buenos Aires

Clare and I arrived at the Gran Hotel Hispano, Avenida de Mayo, Argentina, just up the street from the plaza of the same name. It was curiously appropriate that we should arrive on this socialist celebration. It has been a year and seven months on the road from the States to Mexico through all of the counties in Central America to Venezuela, British Guyana, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina (passing through Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego for good measure).

In a few days my mother arrives from Dublin to take her first look at Latin America and I’m sure she shall not be disappointed! In the meantime it’s time to get the car ship-shape with an engine rebuild, also re-installing the GNC (natural gas) system to cut costs.

Wish us luck!
Chau Clare and Tony


  1. Well done you two. I guess you won’t be doing a lap of honour. Time to put the feet up for a while I s’pose now. Say hi to your mum from me.

  2. hey tones
    this is markus from roatan, big brother house. i also did a big move. i live now in utila on the neighbourisland working as a diveinstructor. all good so far. i am enjoying live. its pretty busy the diveshop. but diving is wicked. if ever you wanna do some more diving send me a message.
    you had a very long trip, mite. and you did a very good job with your website. i enjoyed it a lot getting news from all around latinamerika.
    thanks a lot my friend for your efford
    have a great time
    hasta la victoria siempre

  3. Tony
    It’s a blast from the past and a distant one at that. I’m a mate of Fi Wilkie, stayed at your place in SF a few years ago and we caught up in Aust after that. Have been meaning to to drop you a line for a while, just to stay in touch. Let me know if we can communicate more directly.
    The trail of your adventures is fasinating, blaze on…
    Al Ripper

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