The Money Game

(c) SF-Citizen

So I sell the cruiser for $6,500 and then buy the Montero for $600 from the city tow auctions here in San Francisco. So I’m up nearly six grand right?

Well no not really …

Then …

– back registration and new registration for a year $220.00
– new ignition switch and locks $230.00
– old tires as spares and new tires on order $500
– new engine (rebuilt and bought cheaply as dodge part with shipping) $1950
– new gear box (5 speed manual) just in case (with shipping) $690
– brakes all round, with rotors and seals, also two struts underneath + work $1300
– 4 new shocks from the company tokico $350

Still it doesn’t seem like much in comparison with the cost of the war 🙂

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  1. …but the freedom and joy and fulfillment of escaping the lunacy and hypocrisy of corporate subsistence “farming” (even if only “temporarily”)?
    best of luck, tones. i am enjoying catching up on your posts!

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