British Gas in Bolivia

The Economics of Trust

4th June 2005 Tony Phillips 0

Trust seems like an old fashioned word these days but when it comes to government and economy a working level of trust is essential. Not everyone can be an economist or the overseer of operations on an international gas pipeline. […]

May Day Arrival, Buenos Aires

1st May 2005 Tony Phillips 4

Clare and I arrived at the Gran Hotel Hispano, Avenida de Mayo, Argentina, just up the street from the plaza of the same name. It was curiously appropriate that we should arrive on this socialist celebration. It has been a […]


Energy; Southern Cone

14th March 2005 Tony Phillips 2

Here in the cone of South America as in many parts of the world, one of the major issues is energy. What with the Andes and all, there are plenty of hydroelectric plants and underground thermal energy but the tricky […]

Billy Hayes

A question of Royalties

3rd March 2005 Tony Phillips 0

By Latin American standards, Chile is an industrialized nation par excellence. Their exports are on a par with Venezuela’s, ranking a close third to Brazil and Argentina. But, when it comes to the primary industries, like the huge mining industry, […]

Hug Chavez

Venezuela, Rogue State?

14th February 2005 Tony Phillips 1

“Well at least we’re not a rogue state! [like you know who!]”. The Buenos Aires Times was trying to feel better about themselves, comparing Argentina favorably to its raunchy new Mercosur partner, Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was back in Buenos Aires […]

Global Warming

People in Greenhouses

14th February 2005 Tony Phillips 0

Power is money, money power. Global power is measured in barrels of crude oil or BTU’s of natural gas; money, as we are carefully trained to believe, in US dollars. The direct correlation is the pricing of the World’s energy […]

A divided Bolivia

A Divided Bolivia

29th January 2005 Tony Phillips 0

The newspapers suggested that “Nothing can stop the Santa Cruz movement.” The peaceful protests in La Paz on the 28th of January and all over the country yesterday suggest otherwise. Pro-government protests like the one in La Paz, are taking […]

A Gentleman’s Insurrection

4th January 2005 Tony Phillips 0

In the remote Peruvian mountain town of Andahuaylas, not far from where I write a strange media revolution has taken place. Don’t get me wrong! This was a real attempt at a coup d’Etat complete with guns, death and violence […]