2012 book / What if Ireland Defaults

2nd May 2013 Tony Phillips 0

Country StudiesCh. 7. The Russian Crisis and the Crisis of RussiaConstantin GurdgievCh. 8. Iceland: The Accidental HeroElaine Byrne and Huginn F. ?orsteinssonCh. 9. Irish Public Debt: A View through the Lens of the Argentine DefaultTony PhillipsCh. 10. Coring out the […]

Publication in TheJournal.ie

2nd May 2013 Tony Phillips 0

Column: Ireland has no option but to play hardball. So why aren?t we? (click on the link above to see full article) [excerpted from TheJournal.ie] Terrible task A small nation taking action against such powerful interests faces a terrible task. […]

A Call to Action

19th June 2012 Tony Phillips 0

Medium-sized EU economies (Spain and Italy) are facing an attack from the speculative bond markets. This has pushed the cost of state bonds above 4%, a rate that is unsustainable in the medium term. Acting Prime Minister Monti demanded help […]

Saint Patrick's Day Saigon

Saint Patrick in Saigon

18th March 2011 Tony Phillips 1

Corporate city Vietnam, 2011: This “Patrick’s” day of ritualized alcohol consumption has long since become dissociated from the mythical man who gave this day his name. Patrick was a Roman Britain who wandered dangerously close to the edge of empire […]

Bailout, Intervention and Political Collapse

26th November 2010 Tony Phillips 0

150 protestors shouting “Cowen, Cowen, Cowen, Out, Out, Out” pushed open the gates of Government Buildings in Dublin on Nov. 22nd after a 100Bn. Euro [1] bailout and IMF intervention the day before. Avoiding answering allegations of his own involvement, […]

Our own book refernced in the Irish Times

Speaking Truthiness to the Irish Times

19th November 2010 Tony Phillips 2

The Irish Times “Opinion” section has spoken. It welcomes the IMF to Ireland. Maybe the Irish Times should ask Latin America why they decided to pay back all of their debt to the IMF so as to kick their consultants […]

Chavez and Nestor Kirchner

RIP Nestor Kirchner

29th October 2010 Tony Phillips 1

Buenos Aires Thursday Oct 28, 2010 Thirty five thousand Argentines, mainly supporters of Nestor Kirchner’s “Peronist” party, waited patiently in front of the Presidential Palace, The Pink House or “Casa Rosada”. They were there to pay their respects. In the […]