Javier Milei, The Milei Chronicles

Milei Chronicles (6) The Kirchner Factor

28th August 2023 Tony Phillips 0

The IMF shopped Menem around economic conferences so that he could give speeches to other nations on neoliberalism and privatisation. It is difficult to ignore Milei’s physical resemblance to Menem in the 1980’s, just look at the hairstyles and sideburns.

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Argentina Versus the World Bank: Fair Play or Fixed Fight?

19th September 2016 Tony Phillips 0

Americas Program Special Report, By Tony PhillipsOriginally at cipamericas.org http://www.cipamericas.org/archives/1434 Español traducido : Argentina versus el Banco Mundial: ¿Juego limpio o partido arreglado?Traducido por: Annette Ramos Americas Program, Center for International Policy (CIP) Perspectives on the ICSID and Argentina’s Debt […]