Borda: A day with the Crazies

30th November 2007 Tony Phillips 0

One Saturday I had the pleasure of being invited to partake in an extraordinary visit. I took some maté and bought cigarettes for the first time in four years. The maté was to help me get over the ill effects […]

Vicious Cycle of Debt

19th March 2007 Tony Phillips 1

In the Americas the conquests have yet to finish and the discovery has yet to begin. Luis Felipe Noe, Argentina Ever wondered why a curious group of economists got together in a small town in New Hampshire at the end […]

Cumbre Paraguay

Asunción Anillo Energético

20th June 2006 Tony Phillips 0

The 28th Mercosur meeting (Mercado Común del Sur) took place in the Paraguayan capital of Asunción, June 20th. Various accords were signed including Latin America’s first poverty eradication and common structural funds agreements. The smiling presidents were also photographed happily […]

Sink WTO Walden Bello

WTO Hong Kong Video

2nd May 2006 Tony Phillips 0

Click on image above to see Walden Bello’s educational and informative piece on the terms of the WTO deal currently on offer. The images on the music video come from the WTO meeting and protests in Hong Kong. I encoded […]

Water Wars Bolivia Argentina

Oil and water in Argentina and Bolivia

21st April 2006 Tony Phillips 0

In Latin America, oil and water don?t mix. Or do they?
Latin American neighbors, Argentina and Bolivia have recently undertaken a re-nationalizing of their natural resources each their own way and for different reasons. This article compares the public-private struggles for oil and water resources in Argentina and in Bolivia.

British Gas in Bolivia

The Economics of Trust

4th June 2005 Tony Phillips 0

Trust seems like an old fashioned word these days but when it comes to government and economy a working level of trust is essential. Not everyone can be an economist or the overseer of operations on an international gas pipeline. […]